A message from Casola winner, Angel Spano

July 2021

Carissimi Patrons of Italian Culture,

I am honored and ecstatic to have been awarded the 2021 Casola Prize. Thank you to President Paul Romano and to the board for providing this scholarship and making it possible. It means so much to have been selected as a recipient and I am so pleased to have commenced a relationship with the Patrons of Italian Culture.

As I proceed with my Italian studies of language and literature, this award will assist in nurturing my growing relationship with my Italian heritage and support the completion of my academic degree at UCLA. Having recently begun learning the Italian language and crossing paths with incredible Italian thinkers through my literary studies such as Dante, Thomas Aquainas, and Boethius, my understanding of Italian culture has blossomed, providing a deeper sense of connection to my ancestral roots.

My studies of literature at UCLA have propelled my desire toward becoming a professor or literature where I intend to promote the importance of Italian thinkers, literature, and culture. Fascinated by a recent class I completed, I am also interested in research regarding the development and evolution of theory concerning time and eternity within the Catholic tradition. I am so grateful to have the Patrons of Italian Culture encouraging my academic and professional aspirations and look forward to meeting everyone in person.


Angelo Spano