A message from Casola winner, Franca Rosenblatt

July 2021

I am so incredibly honored and grateful to be a recipient of the Casola Prize Award this year. After such a challenging year and a half, my excitement for learning about my culture and Italian theater has only grown stronger. I do not currently have a date set, but because of this scholarship, I now have the opportunity to be able to travel to Italy soon!

I will be going into my third year at UCLA as a theater major, and am very much looking forward to continuing classes in person. While I had a plan at the beginning of my college career to travel to Italy the fall of my junior year, Covid has impacted those plans and I will be staying on campus. However, I have no doubt I will be traveling soon, and hope to study at the theater school in Bologna during my visit. I will be taking Italian 3 in the fall, and can’t wait to further my knowledge and skills of the language.

Franca Rosenblatt